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Compliance Advisory & Technical Query:

Complying with the regulations or meeting the requirements adequately can often be difficult and even sometimes practically impossible due to limited time and economic resources. Since we have learned from our experience, you just have to apply the respective knowledge to mitigate such hurdles. 

We advise companies on possible & practicable solutions while ensuring the economic and operational feasibility of such solutions.

We provide regular insights, updates and advice on:

  • market entry requirements
  • certification and conformity
  • regulatory affairs and compliance
  • permissibility of certain ingredients/raw materials
  • product classification
  • duties, tariffs & taxes
  • implementation / enforcement actions by authorities
  • against a trade requirement
  • to continue using an ingredient
  • requiring more time for implementation
  • approval for grey area product
  • get specific exemptions for certain products
  • other restriction imposed by the regulations
  • And on lot more of other subjects related to compliance


Halal Advisory & Technical Query:

The industry is overwhelmed with the superfluous information on halal requirements and certification needs. Multiple sources of information include media reports, trade commissioners, halal certifiers and industry groups/associations where conflicting interests also prevail deterring the flow of accurate information on halal market.

We provide with an up-to-date, accurately filtered and impartially verified information on market requirements to our clients enabling them to take informed decision.

Our advisory services includes:

  • verifying the acceptability of halal certificates
  • establishing halal requirements for your target market
  • determining whether products in question require halal certification
  • determining labelling, branding and marketing claims pertaining to halal markets
  • updates on dynamic halal industry news and standards 
  • other information and advice according to clients’ specific needs