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To safeguard the public from unsafe, low-quality, falsely claimed, counterfeit, and worthless products, regulatory bodies oversee product placement in markets. Their primary role is to ensure the products’ safety, efficacy, and quality. In Saudi Arabia, this vital responsibility lies with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA). The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) is a government organization in Saudi Arabia that oversees all food, cosmetic and drug-related products, and services. In essence, it regulates and ensures the quality and safety of all food, cosmetics, and medicine including medical devices produced or imported for human consumption in the kingdom.


SFDA registration

In order to lawfully market in Saudi Arabia, corporations must first obtain an SFDA registration, which
they can then utilize to expedite the import and clearance procedure at Saudi ports. The SFDA
certificate is a document that serves as proof of SFDA registration.

In addition to biological and chemical substances, the SFDA regulates electronic items. Companies must register all of their food and drug-related products and services with the SFDA in order to trade in the Kingdom. The Council of Ministers established this independent regulatory authority in 2003, which
reports to the President of the Council of Ministers.

The Saudi FDA regulations allow certain legal entities to approach the authority for the submission of SFDA registration applications. Local Saudi enterprises that are currently SFDA approved, such as distributors or manufacturers, can submit registration applications to SFDA. To file their application, they must have access to the SFDA’s electronic systems.

The SFDA Food program is the kingdom’s mandated conformity evaluation program for all food and drug-related products and services. Its goals are to verify product safety before they are consumed by the general public, to create a database of all local and imported items, to define food and beverage standards, and to license food and medication imports.

Commercial Certificate, Authentication Letter, and Saudi Custom Broker License for Saudi domestic importers, and Registration Certificate and Industrial Certificate for a foreign firm are some of the documentation you’ll need to have your product/service registered with SFDA.

Also, some products originating from specified countries may require an additional certificate of conformity to be able to enter the Saudi Arabian market apart from registration with SFDA. 


Gulf Trade Consultants can help you in the registration process of SFDA

SFDA registration is a mandatory requirement to expedite the importation of products in the kingdom. But many businesses find the SFDA registration process tedious and exhaustive. Moreover, the SFDA registration process does not evaluate and/or approve the product compliance as per the relevant regulation, the responsibility of the compliance lies with the manufacturer/importer. So even after registration, the product may be denied entry into Saudi Arabia if not compliant as per the relevant regulation. 

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