Access market

Not only the information presented on label but also the components used in the product and the amount in which it is used has to comply with the regulations & standards of the target market. Every product has specific standards that list the permitted & restricted, if any, ingredients including additives, flavor, etc, and also the required technical parameters for product to comply.

Under product compliance we ensure that your product complies with the requirements of the product specific regulations & standard and does not include prohibited ingredients & do not exceed allowed limit of ingredients & technical parameters. Apart from product specific standards & regulations we ensure the product also complies with other important regulations & standards such as food additives, sweeteners, microbiological, heavy metals, etc. wherever applicable.

Our regulatory advisors work with your product development and technical teams to assess and validate the compliance of your products’ underlying concept, formulation, ingredients, technical specifications, and legal claims.  We produce a report for you setting out our comments, recommendations or affirmations for respective products.