What is product classification? 

It is a process wherein our regulatory expert studies the product composition, characteristics & claims and compares these parameters with the respective regulations to identify the adequate fit.

Why do you need it?

Innovation in the food industry is developing at an exponential pace, It may be impracticable for authorities to regularly revise & update regulations to keep pace with exponential development in the food industry. More often than not there are products that do not comply or fall under a specific regulation completely and sometimes there is no regulation for a particular product. Also, there is a disparity between countries and their classification of products. It is common for a product to be classified under a particular category and the same product to be classified as an entirely different category in another country. 

Hence, it is very vital to thoroughly investigate & ensure the correct classification of the product in relation to the applicable regulation in the country. This will help to adequately meet the relevant requirements and avoid any rejection or recall due to non-compliance or incorrect classification.