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The information present on the labels provides consumer with all the important information required by them to ensure that the product is safe for them as well as on how to adequately consume the product. These information includes but not limited to the following:

  1. List of ingredients that are used in products including additives
  2. Nutritional table which includes information on amount of energy, carbohydrates, fat, sugar, etc. present in the product
  3. Claims such low in fat, reduced sugar, etc.
  4. Expiry date, best before dates, etc.
  5. Warning statement such as allergen present in the food
  6. Logos such gluten free, halal, non-go, organic, etc.

Hence, it is very important that the information on the label are accurate & descriptive enough to provide enough information for the safety of the consumer. So, authorities in various countries has implemented strict guidelines on what information’s that should be displayed on the label. A wrong label can not only put your consumer at risk but also put your company at crossroads with the authorities.


How can we help?

Utilising our expertise & experience and our knowledge of labelling regulations we help companies ensure all the necessary information are present on the label in adequate manner & format We advise on the information including logos, claims, warning statement, declaration, etc. that can or cannot be used and how to present them on the label or artwork.

Our label validation service ensure products complies with the general labelling regulation, nutritional labelling regulation and claims regulations for specific target markets.

We help companies either in developing the artwork from scratch or make changes to the current label. Depending on the product we can help companies to modify label that can be used for multiple markets. We also help companies with translation of the label to Arabic either on it or as a sticker. Apart from adapting label as per the regulations of the target market we address query, clarify doubts and recommend solution to any label related issue as per the target market regulation.

Please contact us at to know more about our label validation/labelling solutions and ask any query your may have related to labelling regulations.