Access market

In UAE, all food products must be registered before entering the market. The food products can be either registered with any of the municipalities or on the ZAD portal. Before registering the food products, the local entity either manufacturing or importing the food products must be registered in either portal.



ZAD is a federal portal for food trade in the UAE. It enables food businesses (traders, importers, distributors & manufacturers) to register their companies and their food products. Apart from the registration of companies & food products, through ZAD portal, a company can obtain a no-objection certificate for the transfer of food consignments from one emirate to another and a list of globally approved halal certification bodies & slaughterhouses for UAE.



Among all the municipalities, Dubai Municipality is most used for the registration of food products entering the UAE market. The Dubai Municipality product registration process is very efficient with a turnaround time of a maximum of 2 working days. Apart from registrations, another very important service provided by Dubai Municipality is the label approval service. Dubai Municipality label approval service verify if the label is in compliance with the relevant UAE.S 9, UAE.S 2233, and other relevant regulations of the UAE. It is highly advised to avail Dubai Municipality Label Approval service before registering the product either with Dubai Municipality or ZAD portal.

When a product is registered with any one of the municipalities then technically the product should enter UAE through the port of that specific emirates. But when it is registered with ZAD, it can enter through any port of UAE as ZAD is a federal portal. Though, since ZAD portal is developed by Dubai Municipality, any product registered with Dubai Municipality is automatically registered on ZAD portal as well.