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Globally, government bodies exist to control the trade of counterfeit and harmful products in the local market and to ensure consumer safety while maintaining product quality for consumers in the country. In the UAE that standardization body is known as the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA). ESMA’s purpose is to help the national economy by building a new age of excellence and quality as the UAE’s only reference in terms of quality standards.

The board of ESMA is made up of representatives from the various stakeholders participating in the UAE standardization. Food products, construction, and building materials products, electrical and electronic
products, chemical and plastic products, mechanical products, petroleum products, and lubricants, and metrology and information technology are all covered by ESMA’s Technical Committees.

In the UAE, ESMA is also in charge of registering & approving Halal Certification Bodies. Halal Certification Body registration is a formal declaration/recognition that the certification body is qualified to certify halal products and services in accordance with UAE/GCC Halal Standards and Technical Regulations. Only halal certificates of halal certification bodies approved by ESMA is acceptable in UAE. 

Important Note: ESMA has been renamed as the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT)


ESMA (MoIAT) Certifications

Ministry of Industry and Advance Technology (MoIAT) (Previously ESMA) issues certificates of conformity & quality mark of UAE apart from issuing national standards & adopting regional standards and registering halal certification bodies. 

  • Halal certification bodies

Utilizing the Halal certificates issued by the registered Halal Bodies, traders can enter their Halal products in the UAE market, as these certificates are a mandatory requirement for meat & meat-based products and ingredients such as gelatin. A halal certificate is also mandatory when a halal or related claim is made on the product label. Some pre-requisites for Halal Certification Bodies’ registration include meeting the relevant ISO requirements, complying with Islamic requirements, and complying with UAE mandatory standards.

  • Emirates Quality Mark (EQM)

EQM is the quality mark of the UAE. To know more about the EQM and products for which it is mandatory please click on the link below: 

Emirates Quality Mark (EQM) – UAE

  • Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS)

It is the UAE certificate of conformity. To know more about the ECAS and products for which it is mandatory please click on the link below:

Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS)

Both the EQM & ECAS certificates are issued by MoIAT/ESMA but the application & documents (and audit in case of EQM) are processed by approved notified bodies. 


Gulf Trade Consultants can help you in the registration process of MoIAT/ESMA (EQM, ECAS, Halal, etc.)

We at Gulf Trade can help you understand the MoIAT/ESMA compliance and regulations better to trade in this lucrative market with higher chances of success. We can help with accurate compliance of the product as per the relevant regulation, achieving EQM & ECAS certificate wherever applicable, and getting the right halal certificate from an approved halal certification body. 

For any queries about ESMA standards, EQM, ECAS or Halal certification, feel free to get in touch with us today!