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The Dubai Municipality is the governing body in charge of city services and facility maintenance in Dubai, one of the Emirate of the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the largest governing bodies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and it is known for its smart initiatives and services contributing to Dubai’s growth and development.

Dubai Municipality has excelled in six critical sectors over the years. It has contributed to Dubai’s status as one of the world’s most modern and sustainable cities. The body has grown to 34 departments, 126
sections and 4 centers with over 11,000 employees and workers.

Every country has its own product control and consumer protection body and for the emirate of Dubai, this responsibility lies with the Dubai Municipality. As the government has complete control over what
products do and do not enter Dubai’s market, it’s vital that you get your product approved & registered. 

Approval & registration of the product with Dubai Municipality will suffice the requirement for almost all the products to be marketed in the Emirates other than Dubai such as Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain. 


Dubai Municipality Product Registration

Dubai Municipality is the key body that’s responsible for product registration; all products must be registered with and approved by the Dubai Municipality before being launched to prevent harmful products from reaching Dubai consumers.

In FY 2020 alone, the Dubai Municipality received about 21,000 food product registration and evaluation requests on its portal. In spite of the pandemic’s peak, the Dubai Municipality continued to collect samples as per the food risk analysis and assessment principles.

Dubai Municipality has received, from the beginning of March until the end of April of this year, 20,911 e-requests for the service of registration and evaluation of food products, at a rate of 477 requests per day.

Dubai Municipality has two major product registration departments, namely:

  • Food Product Registration Department (Food Import Re-export System – FIRS)
  • Health Product Registration Department (commonly known as Montaji)

The food product registration department of the Dubai Municipality provides registration & approval services for all kinds of food products. The most commonly used among them are label approval (FLAR), product registration (FRLA),and food product testing (FITR).

Montaji, on the other hand, is responsible for approving & registering consumer products that impact the health & safety of consumers. Following product requires mandatory registration with Montaji; Health Supplements, Food Supplements, Dietary Supplements, Disinfectant & Sanitizers (Biocides), Cosmetic & Personal Care Products including perfumes and Detergents & housecare products. 

Recently a new portal call ZAD for food product registration was introduced in UAE at the federal level. But if the products are registered with Dubai Municipality then there is no need to register on the ZAD portal. As both the portal are interlinked and products registered with Dubai Municipality are automatically registered in the ZAD portal.  


Gulf Trade Consultants can help you in the registration process of Dubai Municipality (FIRS & Montaji). 

We at Gulf Trade can help you in the registration process; we have years of experience working with the Dubai Municipality to approve & register thousands of food & consumer products. The very first step to registering your product with the Dubai Municipality either with FIRS or Montaji department is to have a valid UAE license with activity relevant to the product category. Because the trade license will be required to create an account on the Dubai Municipality portal in order to approve & register products. 

Some important documents that may be required but not be limited to for registration of consumer products are; free sale certificate, ingredients report, analysis report or laboratory test report as per the relevant standard from an ISO 17025 certified laboratory, good manufacturing practice (GMP) certificate or higher, material safety data sheet (MSDS), a halal certificate from certified halal certification (if required) among others. And for the food product, regsitration product label/artwork and image are the main documents required. Based on the assessment of the artwork & image the FIRS department may request other documents as well. 

The registration process for Montaji includes submission of Consumer Products Registration Service (CPRE) application and fess, assessment of product’s compliance with DM regulation, identification and resolution of major or minor remarks, approval or disapproval, and finally, the issuance of an electronic registration certificate. The process for the food product registration & approval is relatively simpler & faster compared to Montaji registration & approval. 

Product registration with the Dubai Municipality can be an exhaustive and challenging process, but Gulf
Trade is here to make it easy and completely hassle-free for you. If you need assistance, feel free to
contact us today!